January and February 2022

  Trinity United Church, Ringwood (Methodist and United Reformed)



Dear Friends     
Although we are well into January it is still not untimely to wish you all a very happy, healthy and hopeful New Year.   We hope and pray that 2022 will prove to be a year of much greater confidence in normality for us all.    If you still feel unable to get to church on Sundays, our wish is that our regular communication with you, helps to keep you in touch with the activities and worship of your church community.   Please know that your Pastoral Visitor or Mike or Louise is always happy to offer support and care if they are able.


SUNDAY WORSHIP    10.45 am each Sunday at Trinity Church.
Morning worship will be followed by a cuppa and an opportunity to socially distance chat.
Please note that the usual Evening Worship on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Wesley Church is not scheduled for January and February.   


16th  Morning worship led by Mrs Diane Middleditch
23rd  Morning worship led by Revd Mike Shrubsole
30th  Morning Worship led by Mrs Maggie Larkin


 6th    Morning worship led by Dr Chris Slade
13th  Morning worship with communion led by Revd Mike Shrubsole.    The worship will include the rededication of Pastoral Visitors.   
20th  Morning worship led by Mrs Margaret Havers
27th  Morning worship led by Revd Mike Shrubsole – followed by a Congregational Meeting


6th 1st Sunday in Lent     Morning worship led by Mrs Margaret Havers


A sincere thank you for your generous giving.  About £200 (final total will be known following the New Year Lunch)  has been received for our Christmas charities, which will be divided between The Heal Project and Action for Children.


A sincere thank you needs to go to all (and there are lots of you!) those who helped make the Advent and Christmas season such a special time at Trinity United Church.    It became a place of festive welcome for so many events, some organised by the church and others by groups.  It was amazing.   Please take this as your personal thank you. 
May the thrill and excitement of ‘Emmanuel – God with us’ continue to be present with us.


People who are not key holders are finding it more difficult to access our buildings. There are two quite sensible reasons for this: firstly, Age Concern no longer has a Day Centre Manager on site, so we can’t enjoy their friendly and welcoming support any more; secondly, Alan Ball tends to work his hours in a slightly more flexible way than John formerly did, so we can’t presume that Alan will always be in the office all morning, every morning. So … if you are not a keyholder, in order to avoid disappointment please check with Alan before you turn up at our buildings. If you need to book access to a building in advance, Alan can issue keys on a temporary basis.

CTIRD Churches Together in Ringwood and District

We need one or more church representatives to attend the committee meetings of CTIRD. Next meeting: 6.00pm, Thursday 20th January, at the Parish Church. Please let Mike know if you would be able to volunteer.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity –
Churches Together in Ringwood and District

Prayer and Bible study material for the days of the Week of Prayer, based on the Epiphany theme of: ‘We saw his star in the east’ and chosen by churches in the Middle East, is available at:



There is a full programme of daily opportunities for prayer in Ringwood during WOPFCU. You are welcome to attend as many of the prayer events you choose.     Note: This year we have chosen not to organised a united social or United Sunday Worship)

Day Date
Time Venue Host Notes
Tuesday 18th 6 – 7 pm
Zoom Rob
(Kings Church)
Zoom link – see below
Meeting ID: 735 3468 4146
Passcode: 123456
Wednesday 19th 3 – 4 pm
Crowe Hill
Thursday 20th 7.30 – 8 am
Zoom Adam
Baptist Church)
Zoom link – see below
Meeting ID: 848 9382 6146
Passcode: 044096
Friday 21st 4.30 pm
Saturday – no social due to Covid        Sunday – each church have own regular worship service
Monday 24th 6 pm
Tuesday 25th 4.30pm
Fr Paul


Zoom link for Tuesday evening


zoom link for Thursday morning prayers 



tea and chatCUPPA AND CHAT     

Alternate Tuesday afternoons.  2.00 pm to 3.30 ish Feeling in need of a chat, a friendly face and some company, looking for somewhere to bring a friend along to -   Cuppa and chat is just the place to come.     You will  receive a warm welcome.


11th and 25th January, 8th and 22nd February, 8th and 22nd March, 5th and 19th April.   Put the dates in your diary, invitation leaflets are available in church foyer. 


This supportive groups meets on a regular monthly basis on the second Monday of each  month.   You will be made most welcome for a chat and a cuppa.  7.30pm in Wesley Centre Lower room.  If you would like to know more do not hesitate to speak to Lorna A.   Next meetings  14th February and 14th March.


Due to the standing down of a few of our Pastoral group leaders we now have quite a few people without a Pastoral carer.   If you enjoy chatting to people and checking that folk are Ok with an encouraging word – this doesn’t always mean a visit – it can be by phone – perhaps you are someone who could be a Pastoral carer? Please let Pauline or Louise know. 


this will take place as part of worship on Sunday 13th February.     Pastoral Visitors play a very important role in the life of the church.  On this Sunday Pastoral visitors are invited to gather in worship and to be prayed for in this role. 


We have so much enjoyed having the Choir back in situ again blessing us with introits to Worship.  They meet the first Friday of the Month.  Make it your New Years resolution to do something different!
Lesley is always pleased to chat to interested people.


Prayer is an important part in the life of the church.  We have resumed the monthly meeting again.   The next one is on Thursday  20th January, 10.00 am in the Trinity Vestry.  If you are unable to come, please let Louise know if there is anything specific you would like prayed for.      Trinity Prayers will continue on the  3rd Thursday of the month:  17th February and 17th March.


Please continue to pray for all the opportunities we have as a church to make contact with people beyond the church fellowship. Opportunities to share what our Christian faith means to us.  These opportunities arise as individuals as we chat to our friends and in groups outside the church we belong to.  Opportunities arise as we chat to one another and encourage each other on our own faith journeys.   Opportunities happen through all the family and children’s work groups (Little Lambs, Lego Club and Eco Club) as we build up relationships with those who attend, as we share our stories and support one another.  Please continue to pray for the families, adults and children as we welcome them as Jesus would.
Pray for the Executive Council as they seek to find God’s direction for the way forward.   Pray for Alan, our Centre Manager, as he engages with hirers and those who come in and out of the buildings. Pray for those within the church fellowship who continue to find the Covid environment restricting. May they continue to find support and companionship.

Wessex Synod Deployment
Review - and - Circuit Mission and Resources Review

Thank you to all those who contributed to the church review process in the autumn in order to support the Wessex Synod Deployment Review and the Circuit Mission and Resources Review. Our church review was written by our minister Revd Mike Shrubsole, was proof-read by the Executive Council, and included all the comments made by worshippers at worship, by church members at church meeting, or via email correspondence.  Two copies have now been returned to Wessex Synod and to the Circuit. If anyone who is not on email would like a paper copy, there are a few available in church, or ask Mike or Louise to print one off for you.


It is great that so many folk are asking when it will start again – it is good that it has been missed.    We need to round up our usual helpers and some new volunteers BUT we cannot start until we have A COOK.   Do you have any contacts to find someone to cook each Monday morning for about 4 or 5 hours.  Please let Mike know.   We will keep you updated when we are able to start.     COOK WANTED!



As you already know the flowers in church each week have been provided by our members, and are greatly appreciated by those who receive them afterwards.  However with Covid, illness and  ‘advancing years’ there are fewer of us to do them.    But we are asking if anyone would like to make a donation, Ann Waddington or Sue Sismey will happily arrange some flowers for you on a Sunday of your choice.  Thank you very much.     Ann and Sue



Do you know about the RINGWOOD CARER’S GROUP that is organised by Churches Together in Ringwood and hosted on a monthly basis at Trinity Centre, on the second Thursday of each month form 10.30am to noon.  It is there to support carers of people living in the Ringwood area. Come along for chat, support and a listening ear.


The collection box is up and running in the Foyer again and food to taken to the warehouse on a regular basis.  To save you carrying it to Trinity, please note, there are collection points in Lidl, Waitrose and Sainsbury, again picked up regularly.     Foodbank thank you for your generous giving.     At present the ‘short of items’ are coffee, long life milk, long life fruit juice, tinned custard, tinned potatoes, shampoo, hair conditioner, toilet rolls.   We always have plenty of pasta, cereal and beans – so thank you but no thank you.    Pre used, clean carrier bags would be very appreciated – please put them in the box too!!

Foodbank are very appreciative of all the welcome and support they have for using the Wesley Centre on a regular basis.      On behalf of all at Foodbank – Louise Shrubsole and the team.


Minister: Revd Mike Shrubsole   mshrubsole@gmail.com    01425 473407.   
Pastoral Assistant: Louise Shrubsole  louiseshrubsole@gmail.com  01425 473407 
Family and Children’s Worker: Jackie Burgess  jackie@trinityringwood.co.uk  07792 492225
Church Treasurer:   Trevor Knight  tbkgu33@gmail.com     Church Secretary: Vacant   
Centres Manager: Alan Ball   contact@trinityringwood.co.uk    01425 461440