If you have regularly used our premises, please read this update.

It has been a very difficult and sad time for some people and we offer our sincere sympathy to any who have lost a loved one through the pandemic. We also share a concern with all those whose lifestyle or livelihood has been affected by lockdowns and restrictions. 

We currently do not have a Centres Manager in post. Whilst this post remains vacant we believe it would be unwise to attempt to safely reopen our buildings for comunity bookings.

We know that all our regular users of the buildings will say three things to us:

  • They will want to book bigger spaces to socially distance
  • They will want more time to set up and sanitise before, and to clear away and sanitise after, their sessions
  • They will want to pay less because they can accommodate fewer paying clients.

It will be impossible to fully satisfy each request. We will need to steer everyone into newly negotiated arrangements. We need a Centres Manager to do this work.

Extra space will have a cost, and extra time will have a cost. Clients for whom we find the extra time and extra space should expect to pay more for increased use of facilities. 

At Trinity United Church, as we plan for the immediate and the long-term future, we have to consider very carefully, how and when we can reopen our two Centres without posing a health risk to those who use the buildings.  This will obviously involve social distancing, etc., and will entail careful planning of all involved – particularly on the part of the leaders of each group. We have written a Risk Assessment describing our safe management of the building and its facilities. Each user of the building is also required to write and submit to us a copy their own Risk Assessement describing how their activity or event will be safely managed.